Did the World Change?

The plan for my Friday Posts was to stay away from politics and talk about fun things like guns, knives, and other gear. While, I still plan on doing that in the future, I think the action the United States took last night deserves a different kind of post. Last night I was sitting on the couch watching Netflix with Mrs. CountryBoy1776, she looked at Facebook and said the President bombed Syria. She then asked what does this mean? I pulled up twitter to she what she was talking about. I found first that President Trump decided to bomb the airbase in Syria that was used to launch the chemical attack on the Syrian people.

Mrs. CountryBoy1776 again asked me why would we do this? I explained that Dictator Assad had used chemical weapons on his people and President Trump talked about how the pictures had greatly moved him and he said he felt as if he had to take action. I sat there in shock and had as many mixed feelings about the situation as were represented on twitter. Some people said, “It’s about time we had a President with balls” to “His actions are not Constitutional because it was an act of War and he did not ask Congress.” My first reaction was this is not a good thing. We talked about how this could lead to World War III because of Assad’s ties with Russia, Iran, and other bad guys in the region. We will just have to see how it goes. Mrs. CountryBoy1776 then asked how is this different from us helping the Jews against the Nazis? I hemmed and hawed about how Assad and Syria were in a Civil War, there were not any designs on expansion by Assad that Hitler had on the world. Some of the other thoughts I had were dead is dead. Does it really matter if it was a regular bomb or a chemical bomb? I knew one thing for sure though we have a President that cares for people if his statement about the images taken after the Chemical bombing are what prompted him to take action.

Many of us know a nights sleep can bring clarity to an issue. When I woke up this morning I had the thought that I would rush to the aid of a woman who was being abused by a male. The quote from Edmund Burke also ran through my mind. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” In this I am hoping and praying the action taken last night will be the end of it. With Russia reportedly moving more air defenses in to Syria to protect Assad, I am not sure this will be the case. Are we looking down the barrel of World War III? Maybe, only time will tell. One thing I think we can put to rest was the collusion between Russia and Trump to steal the election.


Peaceful Transfer of Power in the United States?

In 1797, the world became witness to a process that was rare in history but would set the standard for how the United States would conduct its transfer of Power.  Then President George Washington stepped down willingly and handed his power over to the newly elected President John Adams. The unique thing about this was the head of a government changed hand, not at the barrel of a gun or the point of a sword, but with the peacefulness of the ballot box. Not only was George Washington humble enough to not seek another term as President but he also excepted the will of the people’s decision to elect John Adams. Through out history when changes like this happened it happened with lots of blood shed from competing factions. When competing brothers or anyone who thought they had claim to the highest seat of the countries government (usually a king) the decision was made on the battlefield and who ever was left standing was declared leader. Often times the blood letting did not end there, as those loyal to the former leader were often also killed. The advisors, other members of government, and sometimes even other family member were killed so they could not challenge the new leader.

What does this have to do with the current situation? Today, claims are swirling about how the Trump administration collaborated with Russians to seal the election from Hillary Clinton by people who are loyal to the Obama administration. While, claims of improper use of surveillance by the Obama administration on the Trump administration are trumpeted by supporters of Trump. We see the long knives out on both sides in a partisan battle that is causing a huge divide in our nation. I am not convinced we will know the truth of what is happened in this situation. Could this be the first shots fired to end the peaceful transfer of power? Either way we are seeing the results of a deeply divided Nation and the echo of , “United we Stand, Divided we Fall” has never been more true.

Patriot Act?

One of the things we found out today was, President Trump and members of his transition team were spied on by the NSA and other intelligence agencies. We have learned the information collected was then used for political purposes.  Susan Rice and Evelyn Farkus reportedly collected conversations sucked up by the American Intelligence agencies, unmasked the names of American citizens, and leaked private conversations to the media. These events have been a mess for the incoming President Trump. The question becomes what if an ordinary citizen becomes the target of the government?

I remember when President George W. Bush was proposing the Patriot Act to keep us safe after 9/11. I had a conversation with an older, left leaning gentleman about the proposed law. He talked about how it was to much power and responsibility for the government to collect all of our conversations and eventually spy on United States Citizens. I argued, he was right but I trust this President (Bush) to not abuse this power and we have to be safe from terrorist attacks.  Looking back, I now see I was wrong. The government should not have the power to spy on its citizens, even if it is in the name of SAFETY.  It brings to mind a quote from Benjamin Franklin, “Those who give up freedom for the sake of safety, deserve neither.”

As we can see from what Presidents Trump’s team is going through, the things American Intelligence Agencies collects is intrusive and it becomes tempting to turn this information into someone’s political advantage. We are seeing the weaponizing of our private conversations. Is this what we want to allow our Government to do? Its time to take a stand and end the mass collection of American’s data! I hope President Trump will lead the charge to make these changes.


How many of you have listened to the Political Radio personalities and thought they need some flyover state perspective? This is a perspective I would like to provide through multimedia platforms and a daily podcast that will come soon.  Country Boy Rants will provide an good ol’ boy point of view that is often over looked by the most popular radio and TV personalities! We will discuss politics and from time to time guns, knives, and other gear. I hope you will join me and enjoy what you find.