Patriot Act?

One of the things we found out today was, President Trump and members of his transition team were spied on by the NSA and other intelligence agencies. We have learned the information collected was then used for political purposes.  Susan Rice and Evelyn Farkus reportedly collected conversations sucked up by the American Intelligence agencies, unmasked the names of American citizens, and leaked private conversations to the media. These events have been a mess for the incoming President Trump. The question becomes what if an ordinary citizen becomes the target of the government?

I remember when President George W. Bush was proposing the Patriot Act to keep us safe after 9/11. I had a conversation with an older, left leaning gentleman about the proposed law. He talked about how it was to much power and responsibility for the government to collect all of our conversations and eventually spy on United States Citizens. I argued, he was right but I trust this President (Bush) to not abuse this power and we have to be safe from terrorist attacks.  Looking back, I now see I was wrong. The government should not have the power to spy on its citizens, even if it is in the name of SAFETY.  It brings to mind a quote from Benjamin Franklin, “Those who give up freedom for the sake of safety, deserve neither.”

As we can see from what Presidents Trump’s team is going through, the things American Intelligence Agencies collects is intrusive and it becomes tempting to turn this information into someone’s political advantage. We are seeing the weaponizing of our private conversations. Is this what we want to allow our Government to do? Its time to take a stand and end the mass collection of American’s data! I hope President Trump will lead the charge to make these changes.


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